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From coming up with new identity systems to refreshing existing established marks, developing brands is always an exciting challenge for my studio.

I love that I get to bring my typographic expertise to the table while developing a new visual language that comes to life through its applications and products. Below, you’ll find a range of Case Studies for a few of the brands I’ve had the pleasure of working on.


Anchor Books

I had the honor of redrawing the logo for Anchor Books, for Vintage & Anchor an imprint of Penguin Random House.

As reference and starting point, I had a few scans from covers the Doubleday Anchor logo.


Also, an array of book covers by Edward Gorey that featured the logo hand drawn, were great to lookat. These went back up to the 1960s.

Cover by Edward Gorey. Doubleday Anchor, 1960

Cover by Edward Gorey. Doubleday Anchor, 1960


At some point in the transition to the digital era, the mark had been digitized and the logo that was being used throughout all the spines of the imprint’s books had evolved into this one. A somewhat traditional anchor. The goal of the project was to bring back the classic Doubleday Anchor with it’s subtleties and all of its calligraphic nuances.

During the exploration, I tried different versions of the mark using the capitals “A” for Anchor and “A” “B” for Anchor Books
Below the regular logo and reduced version

Additionally, I developed an alphabet to go along with the two imprints’ logos (Vintage refreshed by Cardon Webb & Anchor by me). This alphabet was never implemented, but it was surely a fun challenge to design a working alphabet based on Gorey’s handlettered alphabets.

Client: Vintage & Anchor Books. Penguin Random House
AD: Megan Wilson


BuzzFeed’s Goodful

Lettering: Isabel Urbina Peña
Client: BuzzFeed
Location: New York, USA.