4 x 5.625" mini-zine printed on French Paper. Unfolds into a poster.
2-Color Risograph.

Edgar Martínez, lives in Caracas, Venezuela and has been documenting all of the protests happening against president Nicolás Maduro, since April 2017.
We created this mini zine to raise awareness and help bring food and medicine to people in Venezuela. ALL PROCEEDS will be donated to this cause.

Edition of 55
Photography by Edgar Martínez, @ragdezenitram.
Printed in Brooklyn, N.Y., by Isabel Urbina Peña.

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If you can do more to help, you can send your additional gift here. 100% of the donation will go to help provide food & medicine to Venezuela. 

A little goes a long way: 

With $ 130, 233 children eat their full snack for 1 day.
With $ 20 a baby is fed for 4 days.