SPINE Podcast

I was interviewed for the SPINE Podcast where I talk about book covers, publishing, zines & more! Also listen to more book cover designers on their site :)

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Travelling Journal

I drew this and 5 more after traveling through Europe. It was such an inspiring trip, you can see more on my Instagram where I have lots of found type and all of the drawings and photos from each spot!

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NYT March For Our Lives

I was very happy to see photos of people through the country holding the sign I made for the March for Our Lives. But the most moving thing was to see Sunday's front cover of The New York Times, where a student had recreated my piece. That feeling when the work you create helps students voice their opinion against gun violence has no comparison. I'm very happy to have been a part of this project.


Washington DC march photo by @erinschaff on the @nytimes, 03.25.2018
Original piece by me, remake pictured by 📸 @victoriatrieu
AD: @byisabel 
Client: @refinery29 @everytown

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AIGA Design Conversations

Very excited to have been part of the first conversation with my friend and colleague Bernardo Marguliss to kickstart "Design Conversations” a new podcast series by AIGA Philadelphia.

I will be in Philadelphia next week, to continue this conversation & to tell you a bit more about my story and why I think it's so important to think about how you present your work :) Hope to see you there!

Details here:


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I'm super excited to launch my new online class! I teamed up with the badass ladies at BRIT+CO, to teach you how to create your first typeface inspired by your own lettering.

In this beginner-friendly class, you'll learn about going digital and setting up your letters in a font editor, so that you can type set EVERYTHING in your own font!

Early Birds Get 15% Off


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WMC Fest 7

Earlier this year, I was invited to participate as a speaker at Weapons of Mass Creation, a festival that takes place in Cleveland, Ohio. The lineup was comprised by a diverse group of ten creatives including Stefan Sagmeister, Jillian Adel and myself. 

After a lot of thinking and defining the topic, it was time to get my hands dirty and prepare the presentation. I collaborated with my husband, Freddy Arenas, creating about 15 loops for the keynote, to illustrate the main ideas.

It was a great experience to participate in the WMC Fest, and I’m looking forward to my next talk in Guadalajara, México on October 22nd. Hope to see you guys there, this one will be in Spanish (YASSSSSSS!).

More information on speaking events and workshops here.

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50 Books | 50 Covers

Sooo excited to have my Mark Twain Series selected as one of these year's 50 Books | 50 Covers by Design Observer. 

Image from Design Obsever's Website

Image from Design Obsever's Website

These two books were a ton of fun to create and I came up with the final design, after cooking for long a concept that wasn't really working out. It was an "aha" moment and a joy to see it transform from idea to the printed piece below.

Photo, Styling, Cover Design and Lettering by Isabel Urbina Peña

Photo, Styling, Cover Design and Lettering by Isabel Urbina Peña

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