Cover Design


Cover Design

Even though my process varies from cover to cover, I love starting from scratch and creating fully custom art for my covers.

I generally start by doing thumbnails or a rough pencil sketch, then refining my sketches and inking, and most of the time, I'll add color and texture digitally. Last but not least, I style and photograph my book covers, because I want people to experience the dimension of the book as "an object". At the same time, this gives me an opportunity to expand my thoughts and interpretation of the beautiful world that the author has created with their work.

Sketches, inking and final cover for Girl in the dark by Anna Lyndsey


Book cover design can often be a long process.

There are many levels of approval before a cover goes to print. Usually, on my end there's a lot of exploration and many of the covers won't see the light of day. Here's a peek into what goes on behind the scenes. Enjoy!