Isabel Urbina Peña is an Art Director originally from Venezuela. She runs her own studio in Brooklyn, N.Y. focusing in books, lettering, typeface design and experimental handwriting.

In 2015, she was named a New Visual Artist: 15 under 30 by PRINT Magazine. She's a Type@Cooper and ProDiseño Alumna.

In her spare time she teaches, speaks at conferences, draws zines and runs Yes, Equal, a database of women in the creative fields.

Portrait courtesy of BRIT+CO © 2017

Portrait courtesy of BRIT+CO © 2017

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6 7   W E S T  S T.  S U I T E   # 7 1 2 , B R O O K L Y N ,   N Y .   1 1 2 2 2 


Book covers photographed by Suzi SadlerFreddy Arenas & Isabel Urbina Peña. 
Styling & Art Direction by Isabel Urbina Peña • All rights reserved © Isabel Urbina Peña 2016